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The Handle Podcast – Chucky Brown: 9/28/15


By Reinis Lacis (@LamarMatic)

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NBA champion Chucky Brown joins me to talk about the different teams he has been on (Rockets, Spurs, Hornets), how his time in the CBA inspired him and relive some Jim Valvano memories.

Him visiting a North Carolina State training camp when he was at Grade 10 and not even thinking about a basketball career;
His Jim Valvano memories, Valvano moving furniture around in his house to display basketball plays;
The ’95 Houston Rockets and the camaraderie that team had;
The boxscore of the Nets – Bullets game, which Chucky Brown recalled (his memory was on-point);
His 15-point and 8-rebound performance in Game 5 of the 1995 Western Conference semi-finals against Phoenix when being down 1-3 and Clyde Drexler being seriously ill;
His time in the CBA, how it inspired him and his positive memories from the Yakima Sun Kings;
Positive memories of Yakima coach Morris McHone;
A funny story revolving around Hakeem Olajuwon before Game 7 of the Houston – Phoenix series;
The chemistry San Antonio Spurs teams have and how Gregg Popovich could freely chew out his stars, Tim Duncan and David Robinson;
Him not wanting to leave the Charlotte Hornets;
Tree Rollins nick-naming him Wild Thing;
James Worthy and Buck Williams being his basketball idols;
Graduating from university being his most important post-career achievement and him scouting for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Some interesting snippets of the interview:

The media related to the podcast:

His 18-point and 10-rebound game in the 1987 ACC Tournament final, Jim Valvano jumping on him (at 1:37:30) after the final whistle:

The 1995 Houston – Dallas double overtime game.

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Thanks to Chucky Brown for coming on the podcast and sharing his memories!


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