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Gēni, treneri, tradīcijas vai saldējums – kas slēpjas aiz Rūjienas basketbola fenomena?

Šī gada lielākos basketbola notikumus Latvijā nevar iztēloties bez vairāku cilvēku līdzdalības. Vēsturisko Latvijas U-18 izlases sudrabu zem groziem palīdzēja kaldināt komandas aizsardzības balsts Anrijs Miška. No soliņa norādījumus deva…

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The Handle Podcast – Audie Norris: 09/28/18

There are so many ways I could introduce Audie Norris. European basketball star with Barcelona, former Portland Trail Blazer, global ambassador of the NBA, even a certified backboard breaker. We talked about everything. From coaching kids…

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Nevis Džons, bet Jānis Ludeks: septiņdesmito gadu trimdas basketbola zvaigzne

Septiņdesmito gadu pirmo pusi divi spēcīgākie Latvijas PSR vīriešu basketbola klubi ASK un VEF pārsvarā pavadīja pēc spēka otrajā stiprākajā PSRS līgā (1. līga). Šādu kritumu no iepriekšējiem augstumiem iespaidoja vairāki faktori, to skaitā…

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The Handle Podcast – Hal Wissel: 09/05/18

Coach Hal Wissel came on the podcast to talk about a wide array of topics. From his humble beginnings as the head coach of Trenton State to working out Kobe Bryant as the Director of Player Personnel of the New Jersey Nets, there was a whole lot for me to ask as the host and so much was still left on…

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The Handle Podcast – Don Kojis: 08/24/18

“The jumpingest white boy I’ve ever seen” is how Wilt Chamberlain described two-time NBA All-Star Don Kojis. Kojis, after all, might have been the first basketball player to regularly throw down alley-oops when he did so with the Phillips 66ers. He also managed to have great success with Team…

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The Handle Podcast – Ron Grandison: 08/02/18

When Ron Grandison turned 30 in the summer of 1994, the following was the list of his past basketball experiences: UC Irvine – Tulane – University of New Orleans – CBA – Boston Celtics – hiatus from basketball – Athletes in Action – CBA – Charlotte Hornets…

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The Handle Podcast – Glenn McDonald: 05/31/18

Glenn McDonald, the hero of the legendary 1976 NBA Finals Game Five! The former Boston Celtic revealed what persuaded him to play for the underdogs that were the Long Beach State 49ers, how veterans like John Havlicek took him under their wings at Boston…

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The Handle Podcast – Coby Dietrick: 05/24/18

This episode could have been called “Coby Dietrick Steals the Show” if I actually did titles for each conversation. A 13-year pro in the ABA and the NBA, most notably with the San Antonio Spurs, and someone with experiences in Europe and the CBA, Dietrick had…

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The Handle Podcast – Brian Taylor: 03/08/18

Two-time ABA champion and All-Star Brian Taylor came on the podcast to take us through the significant stops he has had in his basketball career. From being quite the pioneer at Princeton and a New York Net in the ABA to fun times with the San Diego Clippers…

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Fact or Myth: Lakers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Sky Hook Was Efficient

Have you ever wondered what was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s percentage on Sky Hooks? Data and uncut footage of Abdul-Jabbar’s entire 1982-83 playoffs.

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