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Accordionist, Horse Jockey, Teacher – Miraculous Participants in NBA Games


Nacionālā basketbola asociācija (NBA) pēdējo desmitgažu laikā bijis profesionālisma kalngals. Šajā līgā spēlē pasaules spējīgākie atlēti, kuriem par sevis finansiālu nodrošināšanu nav jāuztraucas. Tomēr tās vēsturē laukumā kaut īslaicīgi devušies arī cilvēki, kuri basketbolam bija jau atmetuši ar roku vai kurus tobrīd nevarēja gluži dēvēt par profesionāliem sportistiem. (article in Latvian)

Fun exercise of how professionalization has changed in the NBA throughout the decades. Some stories on the guys who combined the career of a basketball player with another occupation.

Article includes Tony Lavelli (played the accordion during half-times), Elgin Baylor (was a reserve for the army), Peggy Ann Early (horse jockey who “played” for the Colonels), Dave Cowens (sold Christmas threes and worked at a track during his hiatus), Charlie Criss (was activated for the Hawks when he already was working in sales and as an announcer), Mike Dunleavy Sr. (activated as an assistant coach) and Andre Ingram (part-time teacher playing in the G-League) and others.


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