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Fact or Myth: Lakers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Sky Hook Was Efficient

By Reinis Lacis (@LamarMatic)

“The shot that Bill Russell says no one has been able to stop in 20 years,” Dick Stockton said of a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sky hook over Moses Malone.

“The unstoppable one,” Brent Musburger simply uttered upon Abdul-Jabbar receiving the ball in the post.

Those were only a couple of the phrases which announcers used while observing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar perform his signature sky hook during the 1982-83 NBA playoffs. Matter of fact, if one searches for more information on the subject, he will find plenty of material where this shot is called “unstoppable”, “unguardable” or any other word that expresses the inevitability of its success.

However, precise data about the actual efficiency of Abdul-Jabbar’s sky hook hasn’t been (publicly, at least) available. With its heyday about three decades ago, we also don’t have anything such as play-by-play data to dig deep and calculate this. All in all, the sky hook is an extinct — we’ve pinned all hopes on you, Ivica Zubac — and mythical weapon which was once used by one of the game’s greatest and most unique players.

How often did he really make them?

Well, what if one tried to chart at least some of the great center’s sky hooks?

Full article:

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