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The Handle Podcast – Steve Chubin: 10/30/17


By Reinis Lacis (@LamarMatic)

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Steve Chubin is among the basketball pioneers in more than one way. We talked about him going overseas to play in Europe after his college career when few players did so, the first season of ABA basketball in 1966-67 during which he played with the Anaheim Amigos and plenty of other stops. The fun stories about ABA people overlap with memories from his own career and a beautiful tribute to Connie Hawkins.

Topics discussed in the podcast:

01:35 – Playing basketball every day when growing up in New York, the phenomenal Connie Hawkins and Roger Brown as idols for everyone, later making the same All-Star teams as them;
04:40 – Being on cloud 9 as the player of the game in a Pacers – Pipers game which featured both Hawkins and Brown, finding out that he had been traded after the game, Hawkins seeking him out to console him and having Steve over at his house the whole night – a great Connie Hawkins story!;
10:45 – A situation in regards to the status as the all-time highest scorer for the Rhode Island Rams, a memorable comeback victory against Connecticut to make the NCAA tournament;
17:45 – Being drafted in the third round by the Golden State Warriors, opting to play in Italy for Simmenthal Milano, his and Red Robbins‘s Milano team possibly being better than Bill Bradley‘s;
24:55 – Memories of playing in a tournament against the USSR and Yugoslavia national team, the beauty of spending time with players from those teams, Real Madrid’s and ABA’s Bob McIntyre admitting that the refs jobbed Milano in the 1967 FIBA European Champions Cup;
33:50 – The brotherhood of the ABA’s players, Warren Jabali helping him create a midnight basketball league;
41:45 – The wild and fun 1967-68 Anaheim Amigos, having a good year individually, contributions from guys like Warren Davis, the playing style of the 3-point-happy Lester Selvage [this is the boxscore for the game in question, Selvage’s 10 makes from three remained an ABA record];
45:15 – A story of how Steve persuaded head coach Al Brightman to play him after Brightman had even suggested a fight between the two of them as a means for deciding it, getting the chance and scoring 42 points in his fifth ABA game;
51:15 – Ending up on the Pipers thanks to strong showings against them previously, his love for the Indiana Pacers, losing it after being traded away;
59:40 – Playing in Israel for Maccabi Tel Aviv, being among the first Jewish players from the USA at Maccabi;
1:04:45 – Being proud about setting up a midnight basketball league, working with and helping many children.

The media related to the podcast:

Steve Chubin’s profile page at is worth the look due to pictures of Steve that they have.

Notable snippets of the interview:

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Thanks to Steve for coming on the show and providing us with such a fun chat!


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