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Guest Appearences on Basketball Mysteries of the 1970s

The guys from the Over & Back Podcast were kind enough to have me on for a number of episodes for their Basketball Mysteries of the 1970s podcast series.

Seeing as this blog also works as my portfolio, here is a list of the episodes in the order of their release date:

How did Julius Erving become The Doctor? – We look at the early days of Julius Erving’s ABA career.

How did Dr. J become an ABA legend? – We look at Julius Erving’s ABA championship years with the New York Nets.

What were the key NBA and ABA battles? – We look at key on-the-court battles between the warring NBA and ABA.

What were the ABA’s first shots at the NBA? – We discuss the formation of the ABA in 1967 and how it battled with the NBA for talent and in the courtroom in the late 1960s.

How did Spencer Haywood change everything? – We look at how Spencer Haywood changed the world of basketball and paved the way for underclassmen to join the pros.

How wild were the ABA-NBA bidding wars? – We look some of the incredible stories of bidding wars between the ABA and NBA.

What finally brought the ABA and NBA together? – We look at how the ABA and NBA finally came together.

Especially recommended to either anyone interested in the ABA or to people who wish to learn more about that fantastic league.



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