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The Handle Podcast – Walt Williams: 03/07/16


By Reinis Lacis (@LamarMatic)

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Maryland Terrapins legend Walt Williams joined the podcast to talk about his evolution into a versatile player before entering the NBA and the experiences he had during his 11-year professional career in the league.

Topics discussed in the podcast:

01:45 – Learning the game through pick-up before playing organized basketball at Crossland High in Maryland;
04:45 – Walt wearing high socks to pay homage to his idol George Gervin;
06:15 – How pick-up basketball and a growth spurt shaped Walt into a versatile player;
10:00 – Walt staying loyal to the Maryland Terps due to his personality, wanting to be like Len Bias;
13:30 – Getting the opportunity to play point guard at Maryland, being nicknamed The Wizard due to a likeness to Magic Johnson playing style-wise;
17:25 – Playing in the 1991 Pan American Games and facing up against grown men from international teams;
21:15 – Walt getting the opportunity to basically play all five positions his rookie year in Sacramento;
23:30 – His career-high of 40 points in a 154-98 thrashing of the Philadelphia 76ers;
25:20 – Walt’s great relationship with Mitch Richmond and being disappointed about being traded away from the Kings;
27:40 – Playing for Pat Riley in Miami;
29:30 – Betting on himself with a one-year minimum contract and having a 16.4 points per game season at Toronto;
31:55 – Being impressed with the competitiveness of an 18-year-old Tracy McGrady, not expecting him to become such a great shooter in so little time;
36:55 – The camaraderie of the Portland Trail Blazers and those guys being close on and off the court;
39:45 – George Gervin also inspiring Walt’s jersey number of #42;
41:50 – Shammond Williams being the inspiration for wearing a headband;
42:50 – Ending up on the same Dallas team as Shawn Bradley, whom he once punched in a game;
43:40 – Retiring to spend more time with his family and children, working as a financial adviser.

The media related to the podcast:

Notable snippets of the interview:

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Thanks to Walt for coming on the podcast and taking us on a journey through his whole basketball career!


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