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The Handle Podcast – Gerald Henderson Sr. 01/21/16


By Reinis Lacis (@LamarMatic)

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The author of, perhaps, the greatest play in Boston Celtics history, Gerald Henderson, came on the podcast to talk about his low-profile journey to the NBA and his time in Boston.

Topics discussed in the podcast:

00:50 – Gerald not being heavily recruited and him playing for the Virginia Commonwealth Rams;
02:40 – Coach Skeeter Swift (former ABA player) helping him understand the possibility of playing in the NBA, being drafted by the San Antonio Spurs;
05:40 – Gerald’s one season in the short-lived Western Basketball Association, where he became a champion with the Tuscon Gunners and was the playoffs MVP. Interestingly enough, Tucson’s coach was Herb Brown (brother of Larry Brown), while Kansas Jayhawk Roger Brown was a teammate of Henderson’s;
09:10 – His goal of making it back to the NBA in three years, joining the Celtics after one year in the WBA where K.C. Jones discovered him;
12:30 – Matching-up in practices with Tiny Archibald and it preparing Gerald for playing in the NBA against other great guards;
15:55 – The 1983-84 season, the year during which Henderson started, averaged 11.6 points per game and won his second NBA title;
19:20 – The famous steal and the 1984 NBA Finals;
22:50 – Being traded to Seattle and learning about the business that the NBA is. Returning to Boston to win the game and recording 16 points and 15 assists in that game;
28:20 – The difference in the 1980s between the more defensive-minded Eastern conference and the up-and-down Western conference;
32:30 – Philadelphia being Gerald’s favorite stop during the second part of his career;
35:30 – The similarities between him and his son, Gerald Henderson Jr.

The media related to the podcast:

Notable snippets of the interview:

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Thanks to Gerald for coming on the podcast and providing us with some great insight about his career!


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