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Marvin Williams Has Found His Way


By Reinis Lacis (@LamarMatic)

I have a new article out at on Marvin Williams‘s improvement from last season to this year:

It also touches on Frank Kaminsky‘s troubles at driving to the rim at the end as it’s included in the form of a random note.

Other than that, I’ve been a part of a couple of roundtable articles, which probably don’t deserve their own blog post:



One comment on “Marvin Williams Has Found His Way

  1. MrPingPong
    December 25, 2015

    Excellent analysis as usual with numbers, pics and videos to back up and illustrate your points!

    Yep, MW appears to have played a vital role in the success/failure of the starter group as well as the bench. He has regressed somewhat (due to some unknown injury may be?) and perhaps that is one of the reasons why the Hornets have not done well in the last couple of games.

    It’s been ten days since the publication of this article, and Frank the Tank seems to have improved greatly on his pump fake and drive to the hoop. May be he has been following! 😉

    As to Batum’s 3ptr air ball against two Celts defenders, with 6.6 secs left in the game, he could have done a Kaminski pump fake, taken one step forward and pulled his magic contortionist trick to draw a 3ptr foul, don’t ya think? 🙂


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