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Nicolas Batum’s Foul-Drawing Ingenuity


By Reinis Lacis (@LamarMatic)

A small update on what the future of the site will look like. It will relatively remain the same and I’ll continue releasing the same content I have done beforehand.

However, I have joined the writing team over at and from now on my writing endeavors on the Hornets will be posted there. I’ll make sure though that every time I write something, I drop off the link to the article over here as well.

As for The Handle Podcast and any stuff I might do on the rest of the league (and I’m planning on doing more this year, I hope that I’ll have the time for it) – all of that will be posted in full length on this same blog.

Joining At The Hive is a great step forward and I’m excited to have the opportunity to write over there. I want to thank everyone who has dropped a comment on an article of mine over this last year or just taken the time to applaud the work. Special thanks to the Hornets fans over at Reddit and the RealGM Hornets board. If it wasn’t for the great members over at RealGM, I might have not even started writing in the first place.

With that being said, I have just done my first real piece of writing for AtTheHive. It’s a small and fun write-up on Nicolas Batum and the eight fouls he has already drawn on three-point shots:



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