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The Handle Podcast – Damien Wilkins: 10/11/15


By Reinis Lacis (@LamarMatic)

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The newest member of the Charlotte Hornets, Damien Wilkins, joined me to tell the incredible story of how he signed with the team and to talk about his experience of playing in the D-League and overseas, how it helped him to improve as a player:

Damien re-told the story from his blog on how he signed with the Hornets, while actually being on his way to play for a team in Venezuela;
He elaborated on his relationship with Charlotte’s GM Rich Cho, one which started back when Wilkins played for the Seattle Supersonics;
“That’s why it’s so important to always maintain a positive, respectful and professional relationship with people because you just never know when you are going to need them again or when they are going to call on you. They can easily call someone else.” – his thoughts on how NBA players have to handle themselves and how that has helped him in this instance;
Ray Allen being a veteran mentor for Wilkins his rookie year;
How his overseas experience in China and Puerto Rico helped him to improve as a player;
His thoughts on the youngsters in the D-League and how he used his experience to out-play them;
The day-to-day-experience of playing in the D-League;
NBA using the D-League for rule testing;
How Iowa Energy’s affiliation with the Memphis Grizzlies works and how it can help players like Jarnell Stokes;
His past connections with coaches Bob Weiss and Steve Hetzel (current Hornets assistants) and players Al Jefferson, Spencer Hawes and Marvin Williams;
His future plans and being very excited about the opportunity to play in Charlotte.

The media related to the podcast:

Some highlights of Damien in action in the D-League, where he averaged almost 20 points per game in nearly 38 minutes of playing time per contest.

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Thanks to Damien Wilkins for coming on the podcast during his preparation period for the season!


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