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Game Trend: Unnecessary First Half Deficit Keeps Hornets From Completing Comeback

Trevor Ariza and Corey Brewer contributing heavily to a 67-point first half built a Houston Rockets lead that was too much to fight back from for the Charlotte Hornets.

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Game Trend: Spurs Machine Leaves Hornets Bench in Dust

The Charlotte Hornets withstood the test of the San Antonio Spurs for two and a half quarters until their bench unit crumbled.

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Game Trend: Aggressive Nicolas Batum Leads Third Quarter Run

Nicolas Batum’s shot-making provided the Charlotte Hornets with the advantage they needed over the Miami Heat in a bad offensive game.

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Game Trend: Kemba-Less Hornets Can’t Keep Up for 48 Minutes

The Charlotte Hornets made a game out of their contest at Boston with good defense, yet failed to execute down the stretch. It came as no surprise that the Charlotte Hornets struggled on offense in a game where they were missing Kemba Walker.

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Making Sense of the Hornets’ Frank Kaminsky

It has been a season of added responsibility for Kaminsky. The big man entered the league in 2015 following a senior year at Wisconsin during which he was the National College Player of the Year, yet he didn’t register the counting stats to even make the NBA…

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Game Trend: Hornets Dig Themselves in a Hole in First Half

Allow the Cleveland Cavaliers a 67-point first half on a night where LeBron James is making almost every contested shot and it will be near impossible for the visiting Charlotte Hornets to pull off the win.

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Game Trend: Hornets Continue to Give Up Threes in Schedule Loss

The usually gun-shy Detroit Pistons exploited the Hornets weakness for giving up threes by setting a new season-high for 3-pointers made in a game.

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Selfless Kemba Walker Taking Charge on Defense

Kemba Walker’s great start to the season on offense has deservedly received praise. Meanwhile, Walker has also excelled at drawing charges and is, in fact, the best point guard in the league at it.

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Hornets vs. Timberwolves Game Trend: The Third Quarter

The significance of the third quarter and Cody Zeller’s expert screen-setting in a game where the league’s best third quarter team beat up the worst one.

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Hornets vs. 76ers Game Trend: Turnovers Hurt

Forcing eight turnovers in the third quarter was the key for the Charlotte Hornets comeback after a subpar first half.

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